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Commercial Services

We will shape your ideas from a vision into implementation, while still maintaining budget, meeting schedule needs, and optimizing value to ultimately exceed customer expectations. Our commercial projects include but are not limited to: restaurants, hotels, banks, retail strip malls, food grade warehouses, light industrial and office buildings.


In ancient times, master builders were employed to both design and build great, lasting structures that in some cases still remain standing today. In the recent past, there was a movement away from this integrated approach. Now, in many cases, architects design the building and the plans are drawn well before a builder is selected to implement the vision.
Design-build is a return to the master-builder concept, in which the builder assumes responsibility for designing and ultimately bringing the project through completion. The advantage of the design-build process is that the owner has a single point of contact through the entire process. In addition, a team approach is used throughout which results in improved communication among all of the parties involved. Also, construction costs are known in the beginning stages of the process and can be more effectively controlled. Lastly, the process from design to completion is generally shorter. T.D. Barr Construction Company continues to have numerous successes with the design-build process.


Build-to-Suit services allow customers to develop the property that meets their needs whether through leaseback or ownership; freestanding facility or as part of a complex.


Outgrowing your existing space because your business needs have changed over time? Buildings, such as warehouses, are designed with some expansion in mind. The cost of new construction and moving an operation can deter many companies from making the decision to move.
However, in some cases, it can be more economical to expand the current location than to move a part or all of the operation to a new facility. T.D. Barr Construction has a wealth of experience incorporating additions into the design of the original structure to provide you with the ability to grow your business.


Considering an older building that needs to be brought into the 21st century? Have your business needs changed without a corresponding change in your facilities? Has a disaster due to weather or fire caused you to bring your facility back to its previous condition? T.D.Barr Construction has experience in providing you with remodeling and renovation results to an existing structure to produce an area that meets your needs. The renovation of a building can produce a facility that is state-of-the-art.
Your business changes over time and even if you’re leasing your facility, your needs will change. A storage room may need to be transformed into a conference room that will accommodate the Board of Directors. Has your facility been damaged by the weather or a recent fire and needs to be rebuilt to its previous functionality? From the demolition of the damaged area to returning the affected area back to original condition, T.D. Barr Construction will respond quickly to provide you with the ability to continue your business operations.